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home repair service cleaning : Benefits of Using Scotchgard in Home Cleaning Services

Among the many stain removal and effective cleansing agents, Scotchgard Protector truly stands out! It offers house cleaning experts and house owners to easily clean their carpets, rugs and mattresses after its application. It is used right after professional cleaning of carpets and mattresses.

Scotchgard is used in the cleaning industry as an important cleansing agent and helps in the removal of stains from carpets and mattresses easily. There are several other benefits of using Scotchgard Protector in commercial and residential cleaning services. Some of these include:

Stain Removal

Scotchgard Protector is effective in removal of both oil-based as well as water-based stains from carpets, rugs and mattresses. It is a powerful solution for removing even resistant oily stains.

Soiling Resistant

It is also an important agent for protection of carpet fibers and keeping them resistant against soiling. This is important in the maintenance of carpets over a long period of time from soiling and related wear and tear.

Solidifies Spills

The use of Scotchgard is effective in conversion of spills into blots. If there is accidental spill on the carpets or mattresses, they immediately turn into blots. Hence, there is no formation of stains on the carpets. Hence, it not only cleans the carpets from stains and dirt but also provides protection for future stains.


Scotchgard is an effective and powerful cleansing agent which is easy on the carpet fiber and keeps it clean as well. Unlike other stain removals, it not only removes the stain from the carpets and rugs, but also keeps it clean for longer. It increases the durability of carpets and mattresses over a long period of time and protects them from stains as well.

Hence, it is important to use Scotchgard Protector for quality cleaning and longer protection of carpets and mattresses in homes and offices.

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